Kelia Bazile


My Secrets



It’s a rare leader who can engage a team, help them rise to new levels and realize their full potential. Kelia has that unique quality of that rare leader who inspires confidence. I am blessed to have worked beside such a gifted leader.

–Tim Morrison, President & Chief Operations Officer–
Tacala LLC – Taco Bell Franchise, Vestavia Hills, AL

Kelia Bazile

Kelia Bazile

“My Secrets to Success” was written by Kelia with the intent of helping to bring out the very best in everyone!” As a child, Kelia dreamed of some day becoming the best criminal defense attorney in the world, so that she could help those that couldn’t help themselves.

Sometimes life will take us on a different path, as it did in Kelia’s case; but it’s totally up to the individual to make the very best of every situation. Although Kelia decided not to become an attorney, she lives her dreams by helping others become successful, not only in the restaurant business, but in other professions as well as in their personal lives.

“Kelia is intelligent, gifted, caring, determined, committed, educated and so much more. Her twenty-eight years of personal and business experiences have been captured in My Secrets to Success in order to help others achieve the success they deserve. Kelia believes that determination, commitment and God can help anyone live a well-balanced, peaceful and prosperous life, both inside and outside the workplace.

Kelia is evidence that women can lead and live happy and well-balanced lives.


Thinking beyond the box, to return inside the box with new meaningful ideas to create solutions.


Over the last twenty-eight years Kelia displayed remarkable leadership talent. Now, she reveals her secrets to you in her new book “My Secrets To Success!”


Ready, willing, and able to initiate action.